The Definition of Waffling It

Back when I was a child I learned quickly that I was pretty bad at video games. This didn't stop me from trying and you know what they say...The more you try the more you fail. Even though I sucked I stuck through it, and now I have built a community around it. Live streaming is something I never saw myself doing, but now my life is ran by it. Wake up, Go to School, Stream, Eat, and Sleep. I don't get much free time but every minute I am live streaming my life if constantly filled with joy. I hope I can spread this joy with my community and you will do the same with yours.

A Glimpse of

A Little About Me

Even though most of my free time is filled with live streaming I still manage to find some free time to do other things I enjoy. This includes: LAN parties, building electronics/projects, watching streams, and eating food. My life has changed a lot due to live streaming, are you curious what it was like before?

The Live Stream

What started from a terrible StarCraft stream has now evolved into a massive Multi-Game stream. Centered around Minecraft and other creative based games I challenge myself to push my imagination and engineering skills to the max. I find joy in a challenge and you find joy in watching me struggle with that challenge. Why not come join that experience?!

What is Minecraft

My all time favorite game and keystone of the live stream, Minecraft is a game that no other game can compete with. Whether I'm getting chased by creepers in vanilla Minecraft or exploring my planets in my modded Minecraft sessions I always find a way to take a simple problem and build a crazy over-complicated contraption to solve that problem. Come see for yourself!